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Your search for trusted Douglas landing gear solutions ends here. Avenger’s expertise lies in providing precision-crafted components for DC-9, DC-10, KC-10, MD-10, MD-11, and MD-80 aircraft. With a strong commitment to safety and quality, we ensure your Douglas fleet operates seamlessly and reliably, backed by our extensive knowledge in the aviation industry.

Repair Solutions for Your Douglas Aircraft Needs

Avenger welcomes you to explore our comprehensive range of Douglas landing gear components designed exclusively for the DC-9, DC-10, KC-10, MD-10, MD-11, and MD-80 aircraft. Our meticulously organized inventory includes a wide array of parts, enabling you to find the perfect match for your aircraft’s specifications. With a strong focus on quality and precision, our recertification process ensures your fleet operates with utmost reliability and safety. Trust in Avenger’s tailored solutions to optimize your Douglas aircraft performance and elevate your flying experience to new horizons.

  • Douglas DC-9 Series

    DC-9-10 • DC-9-20 • DC-9-30 • DC-9-40 • DC-9-50

  • Douglas DC-10 Series

    DC-10-10 • DC-10-15 • DC-10-30 • DC-10-30F • DC-10-40

  • Douglas KC-10 Series

    KC-10 Extender

  • Douglas MD-10 Series

    MD-10-10 • MD-10-30

  • Douglas MD-11 Series

    MD-11 • MD-11F

  • Douglas MD-80 Series

    MD-81 • MD-82 • MD-83 • MD-87 • MD-88

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Effortlessly source Douglas landing gear components with Avenger’s streamlined procurement process. Our seamless solution grants commercial airlines, overhaul facilities, and aerospace suppliers swift access to the parts they require, in the proper condition, precisely when they need them. As a trusted partner, Avenger collaborates with premier electronic business networks like Aeroxchange and ILS, presenting an extensive inventory of top-quality landing gear components for easy searching, comparing, and purchasing.

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